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So i totally forgot about Tumblr for awhile, But yeah. gonna start this blog again <3 ! cant wait! 

Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow <3 

Yesterday, i had neep talk with my close friends Evelyn, and Jonathan. 
It seems i’m always depressed and think to much, not only that, I always want to find love, I always wanted a bf. Advice from them was, I never took GOD in as a relationship, I only looked at him as my father, What I learnt was that I need to love God more as if he was my bf, so i wont have so much of these feelings.

Me, i’m a very sensitive Girl, if a guy wants to like me they got to know that, i do think to much sometimes, i’m always scared they would fall for another girl and maybe forget about me. Who knows? happened to me many times maybe that’s why i cant get my head around to think not all guys are like that?

lets just say if a Guy get to the good side of me, i would really love them alot, my special side, very caring/loving, well not all guys like it cause they find it annoying if overdone. But i try my best to make them happy to. 

Also What I realised lately is that when I make a new friend, and if they are nice, i will bring them into my group of friends. And they seem to be happy with them, I feel happy when i see them happy, I don’t ever want to see them suffer or be sad, I always want to hear their feelings and be there for them.

Today i had a group meeting at UNI on Saturday. group of people all from china. but very nice people, one guy drove me home today he speaks very bad english, but he has a good heart.

And today I got the courage to wear the necklace U gave me.
not only that I think I am over someone now. Today I saw him at the library and no feelings.

Lastly. God has been so good , I’ve been praying a lot , although i did distance from him and never believed in him for awhile in the past, I hope he would forgive me. Everyday I pray to him and tell him everything i am great full for . This is one step closer to happiness.  I hope things will fall into place soon, i dont want to overthink about people so much, i hope these feelings are able to go away, and i will be able to face reality. 

About you.

Lately I think about you to much, 

how I miss your gentle touch

I cant find any reason, 
Maybe its the season?

I just want to forget you,

Delete you from my brain. 

because you caused me so much pain.


Noooo I lost a follower on tumbler :(

Anyway back to topic:

So I’ve realised how sometimes I tend to keep myself in the past and I never look at what I have now and what is going on now. I keep looking back on what I used to have and then feel like going back to the past, sometimes even going back to change the past the mistakes. But that’s not what I should be doing I need to enjoy now, look at what I have, its actually very good, got roof over my head, new friends, closer relationships. 

So this year I’m trying to change to be better. To be a more friendlier person, because the fact is I really love to make friends, and I love to be close to each one of them , I want to always be there for them if possible. The point is i really value my friendships. No more being the shy/quite girl.

Also my problem , I always think people judge me, I think people will think badly about me. My problem I cant overcome since young 

Anyway updates:
on 1 week holiday , went sand boarding , movies, and more :P
wish it was a 2 week holiday :( 

Making these for my bday :D

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I know they don’t have red shiny dots as eyes. I just had to add one. XD


I know they don’t have red shiny dots as eyes. I just had to add one. XD

What is a good boyfriend?

What is a good boyfriend? 

To some its just loyalty.
I knew someone who’s boyfriend went and slept with another girl, but in the end she forgave him because he told her about it,and then he did it again.not only that she lets him flirt with other girls??.
How can it be? how can this be the boyfriend you want…

A boy that sleeps around and then tells you about it , yeah its better then sleeping behind your back, but still in the first place this is not what a boyfriend should be doing. 

I don’t understand how a girl can tolerate this. i know i wont be able to, My opinion is that boyfriends, yes they can look at girls , i guess its a guy nature , but dont sleep around with other girls that’s definitely a no no or flirt girls, 

Anyway i really dont know you tell me what is a good boyfriend?


daily dose of cuteness HERE!  


daily dose of cuteness HERE!  


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